Employment Law & HR Support

As a Solicitors firm, we provide legal advice and help with litigation, however what makes us different is that we also provide proactive and ongoing HR support for employers and businesses.

We feel passionately that proactive assistance before problems arise is the most cost-effective solution for employers and that in addition to ensuring legal compliance and preventing Employment Tribunal claims occurring, it helps to improve workplace relations, productivity and a general feeling of happiness in the workforce.

We recognise that many Employers would like dedicated HR support and advice but are concerned about the costs of employing a full time HR person and this is where our HR Harbour service can help.

Ease the Stress, save you Time and get Peace of Mind from our complete Employment Law & HR service

HR Harbour is the ideal HR and Employment Law package for business owners and managers who want to free their time to work on the business rather than on personnel issues.  

Benefits of the HR Harbour

  • A dedicated legally trained advisor
  • Ensure that you are legally compliant
  • Remove the worry from you
  • Commercial advice on what works best for your business
  • Same day response to telephone calls
  • 24-hour response to emails
  • We help you to find the solution not just giving the information but guidance as well
  • Support & training to build your management skills
  • Help you to develop your staff

What’s included in HR Harbour service?

Support and advice  

Where do you currently turn when you have a pressing HR or Employment Law question? The internet, ACAS, a colleague or friend?

With HR Harbour you have access to our experienced lawyers and HR Advisors who will answer your question and help you to solve the problem as a priority so your time used is minimal and you can get back to working on your business.  

We have a wide experience in all areas of employment law from recruitment through to termination of employment. You will have confidence in knowing that you are in safe hands.

HR Consultancy

If you require HR support within your business but you are not ready to employ a full-time HR Manager or you just require support for your existing team you can take a package which includes hands on support on site.

A flexible service tailored to your needs it can be utilised for anything from a regular full day on site to quarterly visits or one off audits.

The packages are very flexible and can be adapted to your needs now or as your business grows.

Employment Contracts & Staff Handbook  

Having good quality, legally binding contracts with staff is the best way to avoid problems in the long term. Disputes will inevitably cost you time and potentially money, particularly if the dispute leads to the Employment Tribunal.

Contracts which are taken from the internet or copied from another business could be out of date and inappropriate for your business placing you at a higher risk than if you had nothing at all.

We will draft your contracts and staff handbook in line with the law and best interests of your business.

All HR Harbour packages come with comprehensive contracts and your disciplinary and grievance procedures. The Gold & Platinum options also include a full bespoke employee handbook.

If you have existing contracts then we will audit these for you along with your current procedures and advise you of the necessary amendments, and where required amend the documents for you to ensure that you are fully compliant.


We can provide a wide range of training and coaching for you or your management team on all aspects of HR, best practice management and making their life easier.  

Some of the training we have delivered for local businesses includes;

  • Equality & Diversity
  • Carrying out effective appraisals
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Absence Management
  • Carrying out disciplinary processes

How do you know that HR Harbour is right for you?

You are dealing with all of the HR issues yourself and not getting enough time to move your business forward.                                                         
  • The HR Harbour is guaranteed to save you time.
You have someone else in your business dealing with HR issues but they are not trained and this is not their primary job.                
  • By joining HR Harbour you can reduce risk of things going wrong and free up that member of staff to do what you employed them for.
You currently muddle through with a bit of advice from a HR Advisor and occasionally speak to a Solicitor.    
  • Imagine how much time & money you will save by having dedicated advice on the end of the phone, from people who know your business, when you need it.
You have expanded and grown your workforce very quickly and don’t have any systems in place.     
  • This is a common problem for successful businesses & with our help it is a painless process to get you all set up and compliant with employment law.
You are fed up with talking to a faceless call centre whenever you need advice.    
  • You will have a dedicated advisor who will visit you at your premises to meet you and get to know your business.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How much will it cost?

There is a fixed monthly price depending upon the package that you choose and the number of employees that you have. Prices start from as low as £180 per month and discounts are available for contracts of two or three years and for making full payment in advance.

Whatever your current HR arrangements, our clients tell us we provide excellent value for money.

Contact us on 01983 897003, 023 80982006, 01722 653001 or by email HRHarbour@realemploymentlawadvice.co.uk for a no-obligation quotation.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is a minimum contract of 12 months for all packages.

Will we have cover and access to advice at weekends and during holidays?

If you have subscribed to the HR Harbour you will have a dedicated advisor who will be available at all times by telephone to assist you. We have full cover for holidays and therefore the service is available 365 days of the year, should you need it.

What if I want insurance as well?

We are able to refer you to an insurance provider who can deal with your requirements.

I have found a national supplier who can provide an advice service at a lower cost?

The difference between REAL Employment Law Advice and many National providers is that;

  • we are local to you and can visit you when you need to see someone face to face;
  • we get to know your business and understand the factors that make it unique and also what is important to you;
  • each advisor has a limited number of businesses assigned to them which means that they have the time to dedicate to you;
  • you will always speak to the same person (subject to annual leave);
  • we won’t just send you a template & tell you to get on with it;
  • we have endless patience;
  • we are invested in your local community and economy and therefore care about your success;
  • you have the benefit of legal professional privilege with us. This means that the conversations you have and advice you receive cannot be disclosed in Court or the Tribunal later on. If you seek advice from a non-solicitor any correspondence, advice or notes can be disclosed.

See for yourself  

We believe that HR Harbour will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Why not let us buy you a coffee and chat some more. It will cost you nothing and you can pick our brains all you want!   

Give us a call on 01983 897003. 01722 653001 or 023 80982006; or send an email to HRHarbour@realemeploymentlawadvice.co.uk.